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Renovations &  Tenant Fit-Outs

Renovations & Tenant Fit-Outs

From small service calls to install a receptacle or data cable, to a large multiphased construction project, we have it covered. Our experienced and highly skilled electricians will provide you with the responsive service and quality workmanship you need to complete your project.

Lighting & Control Systems

Being “Green” is not just a label that ‘looks good’ or the right thing to do; it will save you money on operating costs and reduce your cost of ownership. The math can be fairly simple, and the return on investment is shown. The installation of more efficient lighting and lighting control systems can be relatively painless and improve the function, aesthetics, and feasibility of your building. You can do the right thing and save money –it is a win for everyone.

We can provide you with an energy efficient lighting and control solution for your facility.

Carol Electric
Carol Electric

Communication Cabling

Carol Electric can provide you with installation services for your communication systems from the demark point to the wall jack. All runs are tested end to end, the Copper, fibre, terminations and punch-downs. We can also install raceways that suit your environment, whether it is a cable tray under a raised floor or a conduit across a factory ceiling.
All our communication cabling installations are installed and tested by our fully qualified installers.

Security Systems

Security systems are very much a part of our environment in the commercial, institutional and industrial construction industry. We can provide you with a full security system from end to end or provide your current security vendor with the power, conduit, and wire required to get their system up and running.

Carol Electric
Carol Electric

Fire Alarm Systems

Carol Electric provides certified technicians to work on the extension, maintenance and/or replacement of your fire alarm system. We can work on this as a stand-alone job or as part of building maintenance or tenant upgrades. We will ensure that all systems are installed to the required codes and properly tested and functioning with the appropriate documentation from a third party.

Building Maintenance

We are familiar with many different types of facilities and buildings. When called upon to provide electrical services to your building, you can be assured that whether it is to fix a power problem, perform thermographic scanning or assist with energy conservation strategies, we will be there to provide you with a solution that fits your schedule and budget.

Carol Electric
Carol Electric

Thermographic Scanning

Every building should have an annual ‘check-up.’ Much of the building inventory in the GTHA is getting to an age where their electrical systems are reaching their expected life span. This makes it more important that proper preventative maintenance, such as thermographic scanning, is undertaken to avoid expensive and disruptive failures. We can provide thermographic scanning of building equipment, provide a detailed report, and implement actions required to fix problems or prevent them.

We will also help building managers and owners budget and implement for capital projects.

Data Centres & Server Rooms

Implementation of data centres and server rooms can take a great deal of coordination. We have the experience to install your power and cabling systems and to coordinate with your equipment suppliers and service providers to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Carol Electric
Carol Electric

Generators & Emergency Backup Power Supply Systems

Generators and UPS systems are more and more part of our day-to-day office/industrial environment as life safety, processes, data retention, and workplace continuity have become critical. We have extensive experience in the installation of commercial mission-critical equipment and integrating it into an existing or new facility.

Carol Electric has installed numerous generators for both commercial and residential customers. For commercial, we provide a Cummins solution, and for the residential market, we can provide both Cummins and Generac.

We can assist in coordinating the Ministry of Environment application for generators if required as part of a generator installation project.

Labs & Clean Rooms

Labs and clean rooms require special attention. Power quality requirements, lighting, and grounding can all be critical. We have experience in these both in the manufacturing sector and the medical sector. We would be glad to bring our experience to your lab or clean room project.

Carol Electric
Carol Electric

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